By Arielle Waldman

St. Kitts & Nevis


On Saturday, October 27, St. Kitts welcomes 13 beauty queens to its beautiful island. Watch, as they host the first ever, Caribbean Tourism Queen Pageant.

The event, which takes place at 17 Degrees, in Bassterre, will include five segments: ambassadorial wear, ambassadorial speech, swimwear, talent, evening gown, and an on stage interview. I’d say it’s your common pageant agenda, in an uncommonly stunning location. The theme will be “Caribbean beauties coming together as one nation”.

Representing St. Kitts is 21 year old Consuelo Dupal who holds a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management, from Monroe College. She won Miss Caribbean Talented Teen in 2009 and placed 2nd runner up in, the World Pageant. Her modeling experience and education, will make her tough competition.

Only in their first year, and they already have an international, well-known sponsor- Avon. The cosmetic company teamed up with C & C Trading, one of the major local sponsors, for the two day pageant. They both hope to continue their partnership, along with the event. Sponsoring tourism, the main economic income for most islands, is important.

To show their appreciation for Avon, they added a special fanfare segment called, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, where the contestants will be wearing dresses and shoes, compliments of Avon. Although it will not effect their overall scores, a winner will get a sash and trophy for best representative of the Avon products, including modeling skills. 

Avon will also provide accessories and shoes for the swimwear segment. Really, Avon will be included in every segment, as they obviously provided the make-up, for the whole shebang. It only makes sense, for a leading cosmetic company to sponsor a beauty pageant.

Avon itself will be giving back by honoring Breast Cancer month. They included Breast Cancer pins in goody bags, for the judges and chaperones of the contestants.    

The sponsors are setting an example that the pageant will follow. The pageant looks to help young women, while the women have a chance to give back, to their islands.