By Jared Brown-Herlth


Jamaica is a country of immense beauty, from tropical coastlines to vibrant rainforest’s, and towering mountains, it’s a travelers dream. One location that really captures the beauty and essence of Jamaica is the Struan Castle Garden, in Kingston.

Located in the Stony Hill neighborhood, the garden sits on four and a half acres of lush landscape, offering glimpses of the national fruit, bird, and tree of Jamaica. The acreage of the Struan Castle Gardens is teaming with aesthetic pleasures to explore.  Many tropical streams and ponds are scattered around the property, and hiking trails give the willing hiker a taste of the Jamaican rain forest. As you peer out over the Wag Water River and the surrounding mountains, the tranquility will overtake you.

The Struan garden is relatively new, only open for two and a half years now, but it has already gained a reputation as one of the best destinations for large events in Jamaica. The garden plays host to an array of events and parties, weddings, reunions, and seminars, being the most popular. Along with the diverse natural fauna, the garden also acts as a nursery for local plants, and tropical flowers. These are often used to decorate for events, but can also be purchased separately.

The Struan Castle Garden is a full service event location. They provide onsite catering, decorations, and music to make your event a memorable occasion. Though popular for its natural amenities, the garden also offers two indoor conference areas and a bar. The larger room holds up to 250 people, and the smaller room accommodates up to 100.

So no matter what the event, when it comes time to throw an unforgettable party, remember the beauty and tranquility that awaits you at the Struan Castle Gardens, in Kingston, Jamaica.

One of Struan Castle Garden's fabulous wedding locations.